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Spontaneous Connections

In Students, Teaching on December 5, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Jan Buttram, Artistic Director of the Abingdon Theatre, Kim Sharp, Literary Manager and Associate Artistic Director, and Bara Swain, New York playwright and Dramaturge for the Abingdon, recently conducted a Spontaneous Writing Workshop for Quinnipiac’s Theater program. The program was part an outgrowth of the strong relationship that has developed over the past year between Quinnipiac’s Theater for Community and the Abbington Theater.

The workshop was one of multiple events sponsored by the Abingdon, in partnership with Quinnipiac University’s Theater for Community. The Abingdon is dedicated to producing new works and has affiliated with the QU Theater Program, offering internships to theater students in areas of playwriting, directing, stage management, lighting design, dramaturgy and acting. In addition, the Abingdon facilitates masters’ class workshops throughout the year, some held in NYC, some at the University. In addition to the Spontaneous Writing Workshop, Quinnipiac playwriting students will journey to NYC on December 10 and 11 to have the one-acts created as a component of their playwritining course workshopped by professional actors affiliated with the Abingdon Theater and under the direction of Buttram, Sharp and Swain. Other workshops in the fall and spring include stage magagement, lighting design and a reprise of the current QU theater production, “Seven,” which will be performed at the Abingdon Theater in Spring 2012.

For more information about the Abingdon, visit the theatre website at www.abingdontheatre.org.


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