Quinnipiac University College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Retreat

In Event, Students on February 6, 2012 at 2:07 pm

A trio of professors (Kathy Cooke and David Valone, History, and Pattie Belle Hastings, Interactive Digital Design) and a large number of CAS students participated in the 7th annual honors retreat late in January. The retreat, held at Camp Hazen in Chester, Connecticut, was organized by Kathy Cooke, who serves as the director of the University Honors Program. Much of the retreat was led by CAS students on the Honors Leadership Board, particularly co-Presidents Julianne Gardiner (Gerontology) and Erin Hodgson (Sociology) along with Meghan Crehan (English), Mark Firmani and Andy Lavoie (both History), and Katie Thompson (Mathematics), among others.

The entire group participated in a wide range of team-building experiences that were mostly designed and run by the Honors students themselves. In addition, the students and faculty enjoyed team building exercises put on by the camp’s staff. Everyone also had the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities for hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

Rachel Landry, a first-year student Honors student in Psychology, remarked on how “inspiring and refreshing” the experience was for her. She noted that “the food, facilities, and staff were all great, and it was comforting and fun to be able to bond with the entire Honors program.”

Katie Thompson, one of the students leaders on the Honors Leadership Board remarked that “the Honors retreat at Camp Hazen was a great success! The weekend was filled with team building activities, friendly competitions, and a lot of opportunities for freshmen and transfer students to get to know one another. I think this annual retreat is a great way for honors students to have fun with their friends while meeting other students that they otherwise may not have gotten a chance to meet yet.”

Julianne Gardiner, Honors Leadership Board co-President, summed up the experience from the perspective of an Honors retreat veteran: “This was my third (and final) Honors retreat, and every time I go, I have such a great time. Quinnipiac puts so much emphasis on community, and the retreat really is the perfect time for our smaller Honors community to bond together and learn more about each other. I think it is an invaluable experience that every Honors student should participate in at least once!”

Pattie Belle Hastings participated in part to get a sense of how the Honors program runs their retreats as a community-building experience. She plans, through a grant from the Office of Academic Affairs, to run a similar retreat for all incoming students in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts next fall.

Those interested in the Honors program can find out more about it on the QU website at http://www.quinnipiac.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/special-opportunities/honors-program.


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