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Student Teaching in Nicaragua

In Faculty, Students on September 5, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Teaching First Aid and CPR in Nicaragua

Debbie Clark (Biology) and Dwayne Boucaud (Biomedical Sciences) took a Community Health Delegation of nine students to Leon, Nicaragua this summer to teach first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The students worked in the spring to become certified in CPR, to write scripts for teaching first aid, and to secure donations of supplies to outfit large first aid kits (toolboxes). Emerson Franke (QU 2011) and Ivy Laplante (QU2012) served as trip leaders, CPR instructors, and overall organizers.  Yessenia Argudo (QU2013) translated the first aid scripts into Spanish. Thanks to Erin Peck (Albert Schweitzer Institute) and her father, three CPR mannequins from the Fire Department of Fairfield, CT were obtained for the trip.

The group gave their first set of demonstrations to the teachers and translators at Alianza Americana, and then spent two days with elementary and high school teachers from the local village of La Ceiba. In addition, the students were happy to share their knowledge with their host families in La Villa. The Alianza Americana teachers told us that their most common first aid emergencies were with sprains (fingers, wrists, ankles), bloody noses, cuts and fainting (often from dehydration or diabetes). Providing CPR training was extremely important as well, as a young school girl had died of a heart attack in her home only a few days before they arrived.


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