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Euro-Muslim Identity

In Faculty, Research on September 11, 2012 at 6:22 pm

Immigration, Popular Culture, and the Re-routing of European Muslim Identity

In her new book, Lara Dotson-Renta studies the re-mapping of Europe as a topography of immigration. She examines the cultural production that has translated and mediated traditional Mediterranean identities, and examines the creation of new “European,” new “Moorish,” and new “European Islamic” identities. In particular, the book places an emphasis on the changing role of Spain and the transnationalization of its heritage of Al-Andalus. Central to her study is the concept of traslado, used here to trace the translation and transfer of cultural memory and national identity through a focus on immigrants who have been moving between and transcending national spaces.

Through critical analysis of novels, film, and hip-hop produced by and about immigrants, Dotson-Renta demonstrates how traslado works in the lives of contemporary North African immigrants to Spain. “This book ties together different areas of postcolonial studies not usually read in concert,” Dotson-Renta said, “which I hope invites a broader analysis of European culture through the lens of immigration and movement across borders.”

  1. Congratulations Lara! It would be great for a faculty/student book circle.

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