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Chemistry Collaborations

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Dr. James Kirby in the Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences attended the 244th Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia in August, where he made two presentations. The first was a poster in the Division of Inorganic Chemistry co-authored by undergraduate student Dennis Ampadu entitled “Effect on the Redox Potential of Bridged Monovacant Polytungstophosphates Caused by Potassium Ion Concentration.” Polytungstophosphates are inorganic anions which easily gain and lose electrons. That process usually does not depend on what cations are present. In the work presented, two examples were shown which are affected by the cation. Work continues to find other systems which exhibit this unusual phenomenon.

The second paper was an oral presentation in the Division of Chemical Education co-authored by Jeremy Anderson in Academic Technology entitled “Application of Clickers in a Small Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Class.” An Academic Technology Grant to revise the CHE 410 class and a conversation between the authors led to the study, which is a pilot investagation to determine if use of automated response systems (“clickers”) in a small classroom has any effect on the learning environment or on the actual ability to learn for the learner. Although it is early to determine whether a small classroom environment is affected any differently than a large classroom, the students generally responded favorably to the method of teaching/learning.


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