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Come Out and Play

In Faculty, Students on November 14, 2012 at 8:00 pm

by Ira Fay, assistant professor of Game Design

On September 17, as part of a class assignment, students of GDD201: Game Design I hosted an event on campus called Come Out and Play QU. The goal of this assignment was to give students experience designing games for real players, who have free will, limited time, and won’t tolerate playing boring games for very long. In GDD101, Introduction to Game Design, students got roommates or friends to test their games by asking nicely; only a few games were actually fun enough to play for the pleasure of it. In GDD201, student game designers are held to a higher standard and are challenged to create games that people choose to play for fun. Please see the video below to get a sense of the Come Out and Play event!


One Thursday Night

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2012 at 3:23 pm

by Sharlene Walbaum, professor of Psychology

What follows is a story about the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service Award Dinner. In it, I tell what happened when Hans Bergmann, CAS Dean and Fearless Leader, and I met on stage at the end of the awards ceremony.

Prior to that point, the five other awardees were honored for their teaching and service. I am honored to be in the same cohort as Kim Hartmann, Kristen Richardson, Mohammad Elahee, Dottie Lauria, and Janice Wachtarz. These are remarkable people.
In order to understand my remarks, you need to know a few things. First, I didn’t actually say what I write here. It is what I would have said if I had five minutes. I had four. Second, I spent years working closely with Betsy Delaney, Psychology administrative assistant, and she hates being singled out. Finally, I don’t have a brother named Sheldon. But I do have an academic sibling who is also a very dear friend. Some have said–he has said–that he bears a resemblance to Sheldon of the series Big Bang Theory. That prompted me to watch a few episodes. I am not convinced. But, it is a funny idea.

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