Quinnipiac University College of Arts and Sciences

IDD Showcase

In Event, Faculty, Students on December 5, 2012 at 1:42 pm


by Courtney Marchese, Assistant Professor of Interactive Digital Design

Thursday, November 29th, was the annual Interactive Digital Design Internship Showcase hosted by IDD full-time faculty members, Pattie Belle Hastings, Courtney Marchese and Charmaine Banach. The event is held each fall as a way for IDD students to share summer internship experiences with their classmates and for the faculty to help IDD majors prepare for the internship process. After a brief presentation by Prof. Hastings, Angela Mascio, Breanna Shappy, and Zach Freed shared their exciting summer internship experiences at The Elvis Duran Morning Show, Stony Creek Brands, and Digital Surgeons. It was impressive and inspiring to hear the students speak with such passion and professionalism about their different experiences, while encouraging their colleagues to confidently apply, interview, and participate. Faculty and students discussed preparing resumes, cover letters, sample portfolios, in addition to finding and applying to internships. The showcase consistently helps provide valuable information and support for an intimidating process for students. Every fall semester, it is exciting to hear about and see the student’s first professional design experiences as they share their knowledge and help prepare others to follow suit.


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