Quinnipiac University College of Arts and Sciences

Great Hunger Museum Visit

In Art, Campus on December 13, 2012 at 4:23 pm


On Saturday, October 27th, students in adjunct Christopher Rempfer’s EN101 sections traveled to Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum (3011 Whitney Avenue) and were introduced to the collection by Grace Brady, Executive Director. This trip informed their study of “The Arts of the Contact Zone” by Mary Louise Pratt – art and literature that emerges in the space where cultures meet, clash, and create the narratives of world history.

Professor Rempfer reflected on the visit and how the Museum will be a resource for the University:

“What impressed the students and I upon our first visit to Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum was that Quinnipiac University has created a museum that serves as both a showplace for an important and moving art collection, as well as a significant source for educational study,” he said. “The Museum serves the many schools and disciplines featured at a university such as Quinnipiac:  students studying the arts and humanities, the social sciences, history, and psychology, will find a invaluable resource just minutes from the main campus.”

In summarizing the experience, professor Rempfer noted that “students gleaned a vital truth:  it is never too early in our college education to develop an understanding of our place in the timeline of human experience; a journey that combines triumph, tragedy, oppression, and resilience.”


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