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Mad World Exhibition

In Art, Faculty on February 7, 2013 at 2:29 pm

By Charmaine Banach, Assistant Professor of Interactive Digital Design

If you find yourself in the Windy City this Spring, please stop by the Union Street Gallery’s exhibition called “Mad World” to see some of my works chosen for this national, juried exhibition. Out of 110 artists who entered, totaling 271 works of art submitted, only 32 artists were accepted for a total of 58 works of art that will be on exhibit. The reception is on March 8th, 2013, in Chicago Heights, Illinois, and the exhibition is expected to be up for about one month. Union Street Gallery:  http://www.unionstreetgallery.org/

The three pieces of work that were accepted are a part of a series I am currently developing called, homeslice, that looks at the intersection of home, domesticity and American culture through prints an animated character named “homeslice”. The work will (hopefully) culminate in several small and large prints (digital and bamboo pen and ink drawings), two children’s storybooks, an interactive website, as well as an almanac. Fingers crossed.

Blurring the Lines of Analog and Digital

I like to start the creative process on paper, usually in my notebook, making sketches and word lists. From there I either take a photo of the notebook with my iPad or digitally recreated my idea. For the pieces below I use three different iPad apps to illustrate and layer textures and type. Because the iPad lets the user create gestural drawings, illustrations and design can have more of a “hand-made” feel, which I appreciate.

Pen and Ink drawings in sketchbook before any digital manipulation —


Once the images are in my digital device (iPad or computer), I digitally manipulate them by adding colors, textures, and typography to further the meaning of each peice.  I have not listed the sizes because I have the ability to print them extremely high resolution at about 6.67″ x 5″, or possibly get away with printing lower resolution so that the images are physically larger.  The iPad is restrictive because it has less memory than a computer, and does not allow for creating larger image files.

The Final Pieces

The drawings above were used to make the final pieces listed below.


Happy Happy Shy
Digital Illustration & Ink Drawing, Oct 2012


Sometimes It Wins
Digital Illustration & Ink Drawing, Oct 2012

Bread Earning Butter (top of post)
Digital Illustration & Ink Drawing, Oct 2012

All of the “paint” added on the face in the image above was created completely on the iPad with an app that realistically simulates oil paint.


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