Quinnipiac University College of Arts and Sciences

What is Hip-Hop?

In Faculty, Research on February 27, 2013 at 6:58 pm


By Lara Dotson-Renta, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Dr. Lara Dotson-Renta is an Assistant Dean of Career Development and Assistant Professor of Modern Languages at Quinnipiac University. Her primary area of research is in literature and cultural production arising from immigration and in diasporic communities. Her research places particular emphasis on lyrical performance as literature and the visual arts as a mode of discourse. Her recent work focuses on hip-hop as a form of both identity affirmation and contestation, especially with regards to diasporic and multi-lingual communities. This topic is treated in detail in her book, Immigration,Popular Culture, and the Re-Routing of European Muslim Identity, published in 2012 through Palgrave MacMillan. Other recent publications have addressed the cultural significance of the growing body of Arab hip-hop, which has become increasingly prominent owing to its strong messaging during the Arab uprisings that began in 2011.

Trinity College (Hartford, CT) sponsors the annual Trinity Hip-Hop festival, which showcases independent and international performers from around the world. Prof. Dotson-Renta will be giving a lecture at the festival titled “Transnational Hip-Hop and Arab Youth Politics” on April 4th. In anticipation of the festival, Prof. Dotson-Renta was asked to contribute to What is Hip-Hop? The Local as the Global, a media project that resulted in the creation of this video segment.

The full list of submissions can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/whatishiphop2013


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