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The Witch of Little Italy

In Event, Faculty on March 28, 2013 at 3:13 pm


By Suzanne Palmieri, Adjunct Professor of Sociology

I’ve always wanted to write. To string words together in lacey ways. The power of language itself is what drew me into the field of Sociology. When I was young, too young, my life was derailed (so I thought!) by a pregnancy and for a period of time I had to go on social assistance programs. I used that experience to pick myself up and finish college. Then I went to Graduate School for Sociology. Many have asked why not an MFA? (By that time…I’d forgotten about my dreams. All I wanted was to make a life for my daughter) Ten years went by. So fast. And that life I dreamed for her came true. That’s when I started writing again. THE WITCH OF LITTLE ITALY is released today! And I have another novel co-authored coming out in May from another publishing house. I am currently hard at work on two more novels that will be published in 2014. Here is a list of events that are currently scheduled. I hope you can be there. Any of you. Because without the support and love of Quinnipiac University, I wouldn’t have been able to get on my feet QUITE so quickly!

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Selected for Harvard Institute

In Faculty, Research on March 26, 2013 at 4:06 pm


By Kathy Cooke, Professor of History 

I have been selected as a member of the Harvard University Institute for Management and Leadership in Education (MLE) Class of 2013. The MLE emphasizes the theme of “change.” In fact, a paragraph describing the program starts with the banal sentence, “change is difficult.” Upon reading this, my first response was, “don’t we know it!” The relentless, invigorating, and often exhausting pace of change at Quinnipiac certainly proves this point. With that in mind, I decided to apply for the summer class so that I could explore this theme of change with other administrators in higher education, and at the same time develop my leadership skills. However, I also look forward to learning to better understanding how administrative leadership thinks more generally. This will be useful as the Director of the University Honors Program, but also as a faculty member. I hope to bring back to CAS, and to the University more generally, additional insights about institutional strategy, change, inspiration, communication, and transformation. The program will be held from June 16-28, 2013, and is part of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Institutes for Higher Education.

Editor’s note: To see more about the program, go here.

2013 Model African Union

In Event, Faculty, Students on March 21, 2013 at 5:53 pm


By Fodei Batty, Assistant Professor of Political Science

A student delegation recently returned to campus after attending the 2013 Model African Union in Washington D.C. The delegation of 11 students was accompanied by Professors Fodei Batty and Colleen Driscoll of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science. Each year, students from universities across the country meet on the campus of Howard University and the Washington Plaza hotel to simulate the activities of the African Union. Faculty members serve as facilitators and students preside over all the meetings. Although it’s only the second time they are attending the Model, students from Quinnipiac University excelled at this year’s conference. Cole Goodman, a senior majoring in Political Science won two prizes for outstanding delegation and outstanding committee leadership. The delegation consisted of Jesse Macera, Sara McKersie, Cole Goodman, Jessica Mineo, Anthony Santi, Rebecca Maioriello, Courtney Seymour, Jeffrey Timberlake, Jamar Paris, Elizabeth Walker and Danielle Susi.

ePortfolios in the Classroom

In Faculty, Students, Teaching on March 19, 2013 at 1:18 pm


By Tracie Addy, Assistant Professor of Biology

During the Fall 2012 academic semester, a team of Biology faculty who teach the introductory courses for majors (myself, Nancy Burns, Linda Chicoine, and Michael Vieth), took part in a Quinnipiac University pilot initiative involving the implementation of student ePortfolios in their classes. Lisa Connelly has also taken part in this initiative this semester. These courses involved three sections of approximately 50 students each who were mostly freshmen. Having the students use an ePortfolio was the next step for the students, as they already included their laboratory reports in a paper portfolio. To encourage information fluency and reflective learning, students uploaded the final drafts of their reports, as well as a written reflection on how they improved their scientific writing skills over the semester, into their ePortfolios.

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