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ePortfolios in the Classroom

In Faculty, Students, Teaching on March 19, 2013 at 1:18 pm


By Tracie Addy, Assistant Professor of Biology

During the Fall 2012 academic semester, a team of Biology faculty who teach the introductory courses for majors (myself, Nancy Burns, Linda Chicoine, and Michael Vieth), took part in a Quinnipiac University pilot initiative involving the implementation of student ePortfolios in their classes. Lisa Connelly has also taken part in this initiative this semester. These courses involved three sections of approximately 50 students each who were mostly freshmen. Having the students use an ePortfolio was the next step for the students, as they already included their laboratory reports in a paper portfolio. To encourage information fluency and reflective learning, students uploaded the final drafts of their reports, as well as a written reflection on how they improved their scientific writing skills over the semester, into their ePortfolios.

Students currently enrolled in the second semester of the course are continuing to add to their ePortfolios. Our team hopes that they will continue to update them as they complete future coursework as well as outside endeavors (internships, research experiences, community service, etc.) so that they can reflect upon their learning and showcase skills developed through science coursework and other experiences. Our team also plans to incorporate an even broader usage of the ePortfolio as we work on next year’s curriculum for these courses.

Other faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in this pilot program by contacting Annalisa Zinn. You can start small as you become more comfortable with this tool by having students complete a few ePortfolio assignments including items they may already be writing or completing for class. Videos and photos can also be uploaded. This is a great tool to supplement coursework for our students as 21st century learners!


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